GGC - GNU Gluco Control

GGC - GNU Gluco Control 0.4

GGC is a software intended to help you manage your diabetes
0.4 (See all)

GGC is an open-source java application, intended to help you manage your diabetes.


- Adding Daily data about Insulin, BG entries, activity, urine, comments
- Display graphs for this Pen/Injection therapy (new framework, still work in progress)
- Food databases for "Carb Counting": USDA Nutrition DB, User Nutrition DB and Meals database or foods and CH as free text
- Printing reports
- Update mechanism (client side only), this means that until the server side of update is done, you won't be able to update, but as soon as that works you will have the option to update.
- Backup mechanism (and restore)
- Bolus Helper and Simple Ratio Settings
- Meter Tool finished. Now we just have to add more devices.
- Pump Tool: Framework is work in progress, almost finished. Added is Manual adding of data which is important pre-step, for actual reading and import from devices

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